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Marketo Landing Page Templates

Question asked by c0118e505459d2c4d42ec997c6fad7340c356f6c on Jul 9, 2015
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I have an existing Marketo Landing Page Template and want to add in a form and edit the copy.  Since I don't want to do it using CSS or HTML I put in the div tags for MKTO Editable regions, syntax as follows:


<div class="mktEditable" id="WBR_TITLE"></div>


I am unable to however edit the regions that have the <div> tags around them.  I need to add in the Marketo form to the landing page, but am unable to do so. 


Does anyone know why I'm unable to use these tags?  I simply want to put in a Marketo Form to the landing page.


Thanks.  Nimisha