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    Do you have an org that uses "Contact Roles" NOT just in opportunities?

      Hey everyone -


      I was curious how Marketo users are dealing with SFDC "contacts roles", and their impacts into Marketo.  We had wanted to do list work within Marketo instead of SFDC, but our org uses contact roles on accounts (a la - this contact at a singular health system manages PR/Marketing for 5 other hospitals).  In SFDC, that contact resides at the parent account, with contact roles being added for that contact under the specific accounts below them. This is so we don't get 5 duplicate contacts


      Is this data manageable in Marketo? I don't think I've been able to hunt down if/where Marketo sees this info...I'd like to be able to create smart lists in Marketo that can see the contacts assigned to an account AND the contact roles. 


      Any ideas/insights?