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Invalid access token when removing lead from list via REST API

Question asked by 7379bb127322b4d926ed7d2e06d578836e81290c on Jul 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2015 by John Mattos

Could anyone help explain why I am experiencing this error? I know the access token, list_id, instance, etc. I'm using are correct because I perform several different API calls before this one using the same values and within the same session with no problem, I only get the error when trying to delete a lead from a list.


I'm following exactly the steps in and generating an HTTP request that looks like:




and calling with the same format as the documentation and getting error code 601: access token invalid. I have a feeling the problem is with appending "_method=DELETE" immediately after the token but I don't know how else this can be accomplished since that's what the REST doc shows.


For context, I am trying to add a lead to a new list after they fill out a specific form on my website, and then delete the lead from a previous list so that they don't appear in both.