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What determines whether an engagement program will skip a cast? campaign and/or program membership

Question asked by e290bc77be769a4ec66990ac8922c4b8e8afe5d2 on Jul 7, 2015
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When casting programs within an engagement program, what will determine whether they will be skipped? Program membership or campaign membership?


The reason I'm asking is that I've read all over these forums that it is program membership, but as I'm testing my engagement programs which send out an Email Blast, I can only seem to test each cast one time, because I've already received the email. Removing myself from the Program doesn't let me receive the email when testing a second time.


1. So, do they skip if a lead has already been run through the Smart Campaign, even if you've selected "Each lead can run through the flow every time"?


2. Is there anyway to reset a cast so that you can receive it? E.g in testing.


I can't seen to find any details or documentation on how exactly the skipping works.