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Cause of page visit urls containing #ip-form

Question asked by 778e99a4828b868685d6011f950dfe85c005cd1f on Jul 7, 2015
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Long story short I have about ten forms that I use each catered towards a specific asset-type (events, whitepapers, analyst reports etc.) and for many smart-campaigns I use a form fill trigger with "form = event" extended with the filter webpage = "*url-example*"...not sure if this is a good practice or not, but it has afforded a pretty good scalable way of getting the right info with triggers specific to each asset without having to build or break down too much....but here lies the problem.....this method seems to work as long as I put in the url with both an ending slash and without (query string data doesn't seem to be an issue)


i.e. As long as I put these:


These would all work:


However for some reason, some visitors to my page end up with a hash (#ip-form) on the end  of their urls:  So far my running theories are something related to Mozilla (seems to happen a lot with these guys), something related to accessing a page with modified cookie settings, something related to users accessing via proxy or vpn...but honestly I am not nearly technical enough to know how to approach testing or solving this one.



So here is my question:  Why does this hash appear for some users? and is there a particular reason Marketo will not look past it the way it seemingly does with query data when using the webpage is filter option on a form-fill trigger?