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    Tracking link clicks per user

    Ande Kempf

      How do I set up a report for a specific email that tracks which user clicks on which link?

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          Alok Ramsisaria

          Hi Ande You can easliy setup an Email Performance report for tracking Clicks:- Create new local asset>Report> Select report type Email Performance> under Smart List tab, create filter "Clicked Link in Email> Define constraint "Link is". For tracking leads who clicked on the link:- Create a smart list>Define same filters as mentioned above> in Leads tab you can view the Leads.

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            Andrew Minko

            I've been using Marketo for a few years, but haven't figured this one out either. If I have 4 links in an emails, how can I get a report that 1) lists each link and then 2) for each link lists every recipient who clicked on it? (Or, vice versa, how can I get a report that A) lists each user and B) then lists the links they clicked on it?) The use-case here is partner recruitment. I send out a email to xxx number of potential partners. While I can check the activity log of each individual, it's more than a little tedious. The link performance report will tell me that 26 people clicked on a link, but I haven't figured out how to generate a list of who those 26 people are (for example). It could be that I'm over thinking this, so any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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                John Clark

                Hi Andrew,


                The Analytics reports are more focused on the number of leads that performed an action, and less on who those leads are.  If you want to see which leads clicked a specific link in your email, you can do with with a Clicked Link In Email filter in a smart list.  You can then add a constraint to the filter with the specific link value, and the list will give you all the leads that clicked that one link.