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Email Scripting for Object Field Tokens

Question asked by 085ea95c2b357732d468afed2f831135049250dd on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2015 by cf6e74f923461f259f8545a45b947aa7b1c66503

I have successfully sync'd our contract object to Marketo and I need to pull the field values associated into assets through tokens. The way I understand this is that only standard object (lead. company., etc.) field values will push into your normal MKTO tokens. For all other objects, like contracts, you'll need to create a email script token to pull the field values in as a token.

The example below is attempting to pull a field value from our contracts called "Contract Pin". The current script that I have does not seem to recognize the value / does not work when entered into an asset. The only example I can seem to find is this: Email Scripting » Marketo Developers, which seems overly complicated. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!