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How to set up "real time" email campaigns?

Question asked by 236c7f02aa240a21cae0449b3e38e004426bf9a6 on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2015 by 236c7f02aa240a21cae0449b3e38e004426bf9a6

Per the way our outbound call center works and our database configs, "real time" for us is within the hour....


Here is what I am looking to achieve: When someone fills out a form (a non- marketo form), within 1 hour of them not booking an appointment I want to send them a triggered email. After email 1, if they have still not booked an appointment I will have 2 seqential emails that will be sent out the next few days. I have all the data/ fields in marketo to achieve this but I am having a difficult time adjusting the cadance to 1 hour as the soonest is 1 day.


Currently I have this campaign in place but rather than targeting by the hour, targeting by the day. Again, I am having an issue setting the cadance to hourly. The current program running is not set up through a  nurture campaign however, I think the earliest cadence is still an hour for nuture campaigns?



Emily Ohlhaver