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How are others structuring their programs? How many duplicate programs do you have?

Question asked by Caitlin McCormick on Jul 1, 2015

Let me explain this question:


In the past, I've cloned programs with the same assets within them - the same smart campaigns, emails, forms, etc. But I've differentiated naming the programs to help source leads more granularly. For example, one asset, titled "Recruiting Interns White Paper" could have a programs entitled:


"Recruiting Interns White Paper - Public Site"

"Recruiting Interns White Paper - Nurture"

"Recruiting Interns White Paper - Blog"

"Recruiting Interns White Paper - Adwords"


Within forms for each of these programs, I've had hidden fields indicating their lead source and lead source detail (i.e. Organic, Content or Paid Media, Adwords)


I'm wondering what others are doing to properly source their leads - and if multiple programs for one asset is redundant. Is it better to have multiple forms within each program and hidden fields within each of those forms? For example, I could have lead source, lead source detail, and lead channel as hidden fields (Organic, Content, Nurture or Paid Media, Adwords, Adwords Whitepaper).


What are others doing for program structure?