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    Selling Marketing Automation to the C-Suite – Marketo.com


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      The main goals of any organization are to acquire new customers, increase lifetime value, and build brand advocacy. Marketing automation helps you fulfill all of these goals. However, before you can implement and use marketing automation successfully, you need to get executives on board. Without support from the C-suite, your plans won’t make it very far. To accomplish this feat, you need to come up with a strategy that outlines how you want marketing automation to improve your business and then align your plans to the goals of the C-suite. This ebook explains how to build a business case for marketing automation and what C-suite executives in each department want to know before signing off on the platform.

      Download this ebook to learn how to:

      • Build a business case for marketing automation
      • Be an effect agent for change within your organization
      • Find an executive champion
      • Speak to each of the C-suite stakeholders

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