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Is any one an experienced SFDC user?  I have a question about setting up fields in opportunities.

Question asked by b42d3ac4ecc1278a7c0338806ef184b5a497fdef on Jun 30, 2015
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We are a SaaS company with multiple products billed monthly. When products are bundled, they receive discounts. 2 products is a 5%, 3 products is a 10% and 4 products is a 15%. We have a custom field called Monthly Service which right now is a pick list. It was set up (before my time) when we were only selling one product with 7 price tiers. With all the products we have added and with the bundling, this list is getting way out of hand. What I would really like is to have this field be auto populated when the rep actually adds the products from the price book. Is this possible? I am not a programmer, but I can muddle my way around. Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated!