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    Weird Smart List Output - Need Help

    David Pappalardo

      Hello - My organization is going through the process of cleaning up and removing leads from Marketo. Our Marketo and SFDC platforms are connected 360. I created a smart list to isolate and remove leads that were owned by former reps within the company. My smart list looks like - 'Lead Owner Last Name is XYZ'. When I saw my results, I noticed the smart list was pulling in leads that were currently owned by a new rep from one of our active named accounts. With this issue puzzling me, I took a look at these specific leads to figure out why they were being pulled into my results and noticed that these named leads records were indeed 'created by' the former reps a while back that I was trying to isolate in the first place. Is this smart list  filter considering the 'Created By' field as well? It almost seems as if Marketo is not being able to process this list correctly. It worries me, because I do not want to remove any leads that are currently being worked by our current reps in one of their active named accounts, even if they were created by one of the former reps. I brought in 'Account Owner Last Name' is not 'Rep XYZ' to eliminate any current reps which helped, but some of the leads I described earlier are still showing in my list.


      I appreciate the help/suggestions.