Elliott Lowe

MUG Meeting Recap and Improved Community Search UI!

Discussion created by Elliott Lowe Expert on Jun 29, 2015

Last week in our New York MUG meeting, we reviewed the myriad of features in the new Community.  If you weren't able to attend or would like a refresher, please visit the Get more out of the Community: Videos (Updated on 6/30) document, which has links to the 'Nation in 90' (90 seconds) videos.  It also has links to other resources for learning more about the Community, such as the Icon Glossary and Community How-tos and Tips.


We encouraged everyone to spread the word to their fellow NY area Marketo users to request to follow the New York User Group and update their Marketo Community profiles to include their title and city, so we can quickly accept their request.


To ensure that you don't miss receiving timely notifications of upcoming MUG meetings and the details on Marketo's New York block party on Sept 24, update your profile preferences for Receive email? to 'Yes' and Inbox to 'On'.



The following are some of the main places you'll want to visit.-


  • About Community - help / guidelines, share feedback, how to earn status and rewards in the Community
  • The specified item was not found. - Ask a marketing question, Marketo and Champion blogs, digital marketing tips, discussions, and job opportunities
  • Products - Ask a product / support question, implementation tips, product ideas
  • New York User Group


One of the new Community's best features is Search, which I almost exclusively use to navigate directly to a desired person, place or content (e.g. New York User Group).  In our meeting, I mentioned that you might want to selected the 'Don't show history or bookmarks when searching.' option in your Preferences; otherwise, when you click in the search box and immediately begin typing a search term, the first part of what you typed will be lost while Search is trying to display recommendations, history and bookmarks.


In the latest update to the community (Community Updates: Week of 6/23), the Search UI has been changed, so that you can immediately begin typing your search terms and not have it lose what you typed.  It also provides a much wider area for more suggestions, history and bookmarks.  So if you selected the 'Don't show history or bookmarks when searching.' option in your Preferences, you may want to deselect it now.


When you begin to type in your search term, the results are immediately displayed and organized under categories.


If your search term has an exact match, the likely match is displayed at the top of the search results. Note in this case the New York User Group place is no longer displayed under the Places category, but is at the top of the search results.


There's a lot of great information in the Community and the more you participate, the more you'll benefit.  Thanks in advance for helping to spread the word about the new Community and our NY MUG.  Let us know your ideas for our next MUG meeting in late August.