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Build a Trigger of Campaign Status Change

Question asked by e54be10e01a6d1b8787e6a80d0ee378b5b1c3a9b on Jun 26, 2015
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I'm looking to see if I can build a trigger, or recurring filter, in Marketo to remove unqualified members from completed campaigns in SFDC.


We have a status we use called "Added" when we initiate campaigns.  Those who engage with the campaign assets (open emails, click links, register, download, etc.) progress in status as they move through the campaign and qualify for other programs.


Once a campaign is completed, we go back and remove the individuals with the "Added" status as they did not participate or engage with any of the campaign.


Right now this is very manual process on a campaign-by-campaign basis.  I'm trying to build something that would allow me, upon changing the overall campaign status value from "in progress" to "completed", to remove from campaign those who still have the "added" status.


I know I can do it by building a filter and stating which campaigns I would like remove members from and then in the flow step "remove from the SFDC Campaign", I was just wondering if I could build it as a trigger based upon that campaign status and automate it. 


If overall campaign status = completed then remove members with status of added from campaign.   It sounds easy, but apparently its not - or I haven't had enough coffee to figure it out!!