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Using "Marketo Events App" for check in at multiple city roadshow

Question asked by 816c051bc025f32ab5ba330fa66baf080275a582 on Jun 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2015 by Joseph Moran

I have created an Events Program (Roadshow) that I set up using Marketo, and would like to use the Marketo Events app for iPad to keep track of attendees, but when I look at my roadshow on the app, all of the attendees are just in one list (1500+ people is a little excessive when you just want to be viewing the registrants for one city).


Is there a way to break them out into different cities within the app (based on the reg lists), or do I have to basically have to create a different event program for each city? This doesn't make sense to me, since a roadshow implies that there would be more than one city.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!