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Why didn't my email get resent to hard bounces?

Question asked by 089bbe7fb38a58453822dca751b85ddc36bc5dfa on Jun 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2015 by Josh Hill

We set up an advanced email program for a recent newsletter we sent out. We programed it so that after one week, anyone who didn't open the email would be resent it, so it included everyone EXCEPT those who opened, clicked, engaged, or unsubscribed. Therefore, ALL hard bounces should have been resent the email (I read that Marketo marks them as suspended, but that you can send to them again after 24 hours, so a 6 day wait should have been more than enough time, and we no longer have "suspended" leads in our database, so I know they're not hanging out there). Out of the 800+ hard bounces we had, only about 200 of them were resent the email. Why weren't ALL the hard bounces resent it?