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Get Opportunities REST API requires filterType, even if doc says it's optional?

Question asked by e6b8da9a8822c52fa777b94d1d8d3e91e2e15e66 on Jun 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2015 by e6b8da9a8822c52fa777b94d1d8d3e91e2e15e66

Documentation at Get Opportunities » Marketo Developers  states that filterType is optional; but when I try using that API without specifying any filterType, I get:


    "requestId": "352d#14e2c4952c5",

    "success": false,

    "errors": [


            "code": "1003",

            "message": "filterType not specified"





Documentation or code issue? It would seem quite limiting not being able to retrieve Opportunity records unless you enumerate their Marketo or external ID (which are the only searchable fields returned by Opportunity Describe)...