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Send alert to crm-campaign owner

Question asked by b262986d3b437e26ab0a864f82a7fa317d994609 on Jun 23, 2015



I struggle using the standard fields synced from our crm Salesforce to Marketo.


We create campaigns in Salesforce and together with sales we manage the campaign distribution lists there, we create the content and layout of the campaign in Marketo. It has been working fine, until now.


I want to send out an alert to the crm-campaign owner to update his/her distributionlist for the campaign, this would be the first step of a program in Marketo. When creating a smart campaign and trying to add the flow that sends the alert - I can't put campaign.owner in the filter. I can only put in lead or account owner or manually type in an email address. Not effective if you just want to clone campaigns with standard/generic flows and emails.

Also, in the smart campaign I'm not able to specify the campaign anywhere, just campaign members part of a campaign - which is not relevant as the first step as I want to send an email to the campaign owner.


Is there anyone else out there managing campaigns like we do? And if so, how do you solve the above issue?