Trent Cross

Thank you! SLC MUG attendees this month (where were the rest of you?)

Discussion created by Trent Cross Champion on Jun 23, 2015

We like to thank all those who were able to come out to last week's MUG meeting.  It was an informative session and we like to thank Cloudwords, Inc. Marketo  and Tim Maloney for presenting and sponsoring - gotta luv Pie Pizzeria! all those who did not attend - we missed you! The meetings are for each of you and all of us, the Marketo Users, to learn more about how to use Marketo, tips/tricks, ideas, to get help, to figure out better ways, and more.  We know that it is difficult to attend every month, but we sure would like to see you each time a meeting is held or as often as possible. The strength and value of a user group are the users; the more users the better perspectives, insights and support provided to all. 


So plan ahead for our next user group meeting Salt Lake City User Group Meeting - July 22nd .


Thanks and look forward to seeing new faces, those that we have not seen in a while and all the regulars next month!