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Cloned program asset and social share link

Question asked by a68a90da143f425ea27a4e32097e43998b15b52d on Jun 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by Ulf Deeg

Hi Colleagues!


I'm facing a little technical issue and I was wondering whether anyone knew how to resolve this..


So here it is!


I have created two different programs. Each program includes a lead generation landing page with a form and an auto-triggered email which is sent to the lead as he/she fill-out and submit the form. For speed, I have cloned the landing page as well as the auto-triggered email that I created for program one into program two and then amended the content of these two assets and renamed them.


These auto-triggered email responses contain "Share this resource on" LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook links which I created using


The problem is that the Facebook share link that is meant to direct to the landing page of program two links to the landing page of program one (which was originally cloned). For some reasons I only face this issue with the Facebook share link. All other social share links link to the right landing page.


Are you aware of any ways to resolve this issue or is building a new landing page and/or email from scratch best?


Many thanks in advance and fingers crossed someone can help!




PS: Thanks Liz for approving my request to join the group!