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SFDC Leads incorrectly converted to contacts. What do I do now?

Question asked by 7faa09f9cfae2cd9124da776ad66c435f196f29e on Jun 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2015 by Josh Hill

We had an issue with a Salesforce process our SFDC team built. It incorrectly converted leads to contacts and assigned those contacts to the wrong account - about 2600 leads to be accurate. Now we are faced with the task of trying to get these contacts back to leads. The SFDC Team here has suggested they delete the contacts in salesforce and re-import them as leads. They would be able to re-import the SFDC Activities, so our sales reps won't lose their history. But, what can I do in Marketo?


In my understanding, that process will either a) require that we delete the contact records in Marketo as well or B) collect a new duplicate lead to the existing contact. Either way, we lose the historical data in Marketo regarding programs and successes.


Is there any solution to this? If the contacts are deleted in SFDC, can we break the records connection between Marketo and Salesforce so these leads can be re-synced to salesforce and create a new lead? Any help/advice would be appreciated.