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Email Subscription programs lead source, channel and tracking

Question asked by e45b854943b7d76d00fcfcfd3e52ed73788dfd9b on Jun 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2015 by e45b854943b7d76d00fcfcfd3e52ed73788dfd9b

Hi all,


I'm setting up some landing pages/forms to invite people to sign up for conference email updates. The LP allows people to sign up for updates on the conference, so that they get the latest developments on the event.


A couple questions:


- What should the channel be? Right now, I have it as a content channel (we have content, webinar, events, hand-raise, email, email nurture, operational, online advertising)

- What should the lead source be? Right now I have it as Website - Content - Email (We don't use lead source in the traditional first touch manner, we use it as "registration source" almost)

- Should it be its own program, or can I add it to a larger Email Subscription program? Right now I have it separate to allow for using tokens. We have a parent Email Subscription program that looks for all subscription triggers.


Let me know if you need clarification!