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    Using Streams vs. Programs

    Nicol Maurer

      Since we've been using Marketo, (Jan. 2014) we have been using programs for our drip campaigns due to the special nature of the cadence for most of them. Now that we've upgraded to Enterprise along with Revenue Explorer, it has been suggested that we try to move our drip campaigns into streams for better reporting. But I'm having trouble wrapping my head around setting them up for what we need.


      In all cases, we want the first email (in a series of 4-10 emails in most cases) to send immediately--regardless of what day it is--when the account is triggered as an active account. For some campaigns, we will send content weekly, for others the cadence may change from weekly to every 2 weeks. From what I understand, I will most likely be switching streams to accomplish the change in cadence; but at least for now, I'm trying to accomplish an immediate entry into a stream that will cast any day of the week.

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          Jeff Shearer

          Hey Nicol,


          I have a similar requirement with my trial nurtures. I do it with a smart campaign that kicks off the send of the initial email, and then follows with a flowstep to add the leads to the engagement program stream to deliver the rest of the campaign (mine run weekly). So essentially everything except the first email is contained in the stream. That way I can get an immediate first email off, and then revert to a weekly send for the rest.


          It's an okay solution, but for drip campaigns with a very structured and specific cadence that varies from week to week, I'm considering sticking to a non-engagement program solution for the very reasons you specified. But it's not at the top of my priority list yet

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            Alex Stanton

            It is hard to say without seeing the program, but Josh does have a point. I have set up a number of nurtures with an initial triggered campaign that sent out the first email and then routed the lead to the engagement program. I normally put a wait step before adding to the engagement program to avoid someone getting a nurture email potentially the same day of the triggered one.

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