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Marketo Plugins

Question asked by f01727bf65b5dd2717bf3bc9ee49fa9bc0518807 on Jun 22, 2015

Team, we have recently launched MSync, a Marketo plugin for Joomla and WordPress.

This new plugin serves two functions: to help integrate forms within both content management systems, and to allow the user to take advanced actions on their leads and lead data. The forms are pure PHP instead of JavaScript, so they’re secure. Couple this with innovations to your lead data, and life just got a whole lot easier for your sales and marketing teams.

With the MSync plugin, the following is now possible:

  • Embed Munchkin.js to immediately track data
  • Modify lead data before sending it over to Marketo
  • Push leads automatically to Marketo
  • Change, add, drag/drop custom fields
  • Publish forms
  • Embed forms into posts and articles
  • Embed forms on pages and WordPress widgets (this is obviously only possible when using WordPress)


You can download it from here:

MSync - Joomla! Extension Directory