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Higher frequency cadence for testing engagement streams?

Question asked by 8879e0bd4335425edd5703d32f59304f206672be on Jun 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2015 by cf6e74f923461f259f8545a45b947aa7b1c66503

Hello Marketo Community,


Still fairly new with engagement programs and streams so forgive my lack of knowledge.


I'd like to be able to test how a lead moves through and between engagement streams through different triggers and filters.
I usually do these tests with Email Nurture Programs where I could change the flow steps to 1 minute intervals - that way I'd be able to go through testing rather quickly.
However, with engagement streams, I can't change the cadence to be faster than 24 hour intervals.


Unfortunately I don't have time on my side (which you're probably all in the same boat).

Is there any other way that I can accomplish this?