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    How can I pull my IP address from Marketo?

      Hi, how can I pull my IP address from Marketo?


      Thank you!


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          Josh Hill

          What do you mean precisely?


          You mean not have marketo report on web visits from your IP? I do not think this is possible right now. You should use GA if you are doing that kind of reporting.

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            Courtney Grimes

            Hi Mandy,


            I'm going to assume this is a two-part question because I'm not sure how to parse it otherwise.


            If you want to find out you and/or your company's IP, that's pretty straight-forward: just pull the Anonymous IP associated with a lead record that's within your company. In terms of filtering out your internal IPs, that's a little more complicated, but it can be done.


            Unlike Google Analytics, there's no equivalent of a Filtered View where you can exclude IPs globally from your reports and analyses. However, you can get around this on a one-off basis using filters and constraints: simply add the filter "Visited Web Page," set "Web Page is any" (or drill down as you'd like), and then add the constraint "Client IP Address is not" with your internal IP. Given how most companies are set up, you'll probably want to do three-octet filtering: rather than try to list every potential internal IP, if your IP is, change the constraint to "Client IP Address not starts with 127.0.0" .


            If this doesn't help, let us know what you're trying to accomplish!

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