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Best Practice on Changing Timing of a Nurture Stream

Question asked by 4ef35a4c65312eb3ade60935af1b7efb4ed7e0f8 on Jun 19, 2015
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I have a engagement program running with two different streams. I was curious if there was a best practice on changing the future cast time within a stream?


For the stream that I am looking to modify, I have exhausted my content and I will be loading in four additional emails during the next week. When the next batch of emails are added, the next send is supposed to occur on July 2nd, but since our audience will most likely be on vacation that week, we prefer to push the send on July 10th.


My stream cast is setup like this:


Repeats: Weekly

Every: 2 Weeks

On: Thursday

Time: 11:00 AM


I am asking about a best practice, because this stream is intertwined with my first stream. If a prospect opens or clicks an email from my first stream, they will be moved into my second stream which has a wait time of two weeks in between each send. I want to be careful how I manipulate the timing on my second stream.


Can I isolate the next email that is supposed to be sent within my second stream and mark it for a July 10th push, then all following emails will fall back on my two week send cadence?