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    Not sync certain SFDC leads to Marketo?

    Jenn DiMaria

      We share an SFDC instance with our team in the UK, who won't necessarily be moving forward with Marketo. As such, we'd like to make sure their SFDC records aren't synced into Marketo (syncing them into Marketo would mean we're bumped into the next pricing tier).


      I found this thread about having Support create a "Hide from Marketo" field and suppressing the leads: Re: Is it possible to "hide" leads that are in Salesforce from Marketo?


      But I also came across a training (whose link no longer works) called "Hide Records from SFDC with the Sync Profile". Has anyone done this? How involved was it and have you run into any problems? Also, if anyone could point me to some printable instructions for our SFDC admins, that would be swell



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          Louiza Verykiou

          Hello Jenn DiMaria!


          You are on the right track with the 2 options!


          The SFDC option of using the Sync Profile is good one. There is no explicit guide as all the setup is done in SFDC and each customer has their permissions and hierarchy set up a little different.


          In essence though think of the Marketo Sync User as a normal user. Whatever the Sync User can see, Marketo can see.

          So if there are records that you want to hide from Marketo to prevent them from syncing, the way forward is to not give permissions to the Marketo Sync User in SFDC that will let them see those records.


          I'm sure your SFDC admins have mastered the creation of users but SFDC has some documentation they can use as a refresher if needed: User Permissions

          The important thing is to test what Marketo can see before you go ahead with enabling the sync. In order to do that, have your SFDC admins set up the Marketo Sync user in SFDC without the permissions to see the UK leads. Then you can use the Marketo Sync User credentials to log in to SFDC. If you indeed cannot see them, nor will Marketo and as a result they won't be part of the sync between the two systems.


          I hope this helps!

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