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    Marketo Event iPad App

      Does this app capture the times that people check in to the event? I used this app for an event yesterday, but now need to see what time certain attendees checked-in.



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          Hi Tracy,


          I think the best way to get this info would be if you have a trigger campaign for when someone is checked in. For example, maybe you're sending a welcome email upon someone's program status changing to Attended.


          If you have a campaign like this then go to the Results tab of that campaign and extract the results data. Each action is timestamped, meaning you can base this data as the time your attendees checked-in.


          Hope this helps.


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            Joseph Moran

            Gary is right about creating some sort of trigger campaign in the future. You could have have a flow step that date stamps a field possibly.

            In this case, it sounds like you are trying to figure out the time after the fact. Check-Ins result in a success for the program. You can view the date time stamp for this change in the activity history of the lead. This may not be helpful if you have hundreds or more leads to go through, but if it is a handful you should be able to get through them quickly.

            Hope that helps!

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