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Engagement Program Wait Step (Pause, Wait X Days, Unpause)

Question asked by e8c0a2d7fb6a6a5102fea1a15f0424d19bfd3420 on Jun 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2015 by e8c0a2d7fb6a6a5102fea1a15f0424d19bfd3420

I have an engagement program set to cast daily (Sun-Thu), because I want people to enter the program regularly, but at specifically optimized send times. My initial engagement campaigns is set to send emails every other day, so I set it up like this:


  1. (Cast 1) Program: Send Email 1
  2. (Cast 2) Program: Wait Step 1: Wait 1 minute
  3. (Cast 3) Program: Send Email 2
  4. (Cast 4) PProgram: Wait Step 2: Wait 1 minute
  5. (Cast 5) Program: Send Email 3
  6. (Cast 6) Program: Wait Step 3: Wait 1 minute
  7. (Cast 7) Program: Send Email 4
  8. (Cast 8) Program: Wait Step 4: Wait 1 minute
  9. (Cast 7) Program: Tag as exhausted and paused (and some other administrative stuff).


That worked for a while. But now I have a new engagement program only intending to send emails weekly, with daily casts. I want to set it up similar to above, however instead of just "Wait 1 Minute" in the flow step, I wanted to change that Wait Step program flow as:

  1. Change Cadence to Paused
  2. Wait 5 days
  3. Change Cadence to Normal


I want to make sure that this method will work. Has anyone tried it or doing something similar?