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    Why does engagement engine not send email to all the members of the stream?

    Iryna Zhuravel

      I have a very simple engagement program, there are about 1000 leads in it and just one stream for now, I set the first cast to go out this past Monday and run each Monday from now on. For some reason on Monday the first email did go out, but only to 109 out of my 1000+ members.


      Why would that happen? All the members have engagement cadence = normal. Has any one had something similar happening?


      I've been using engagement engine a lot, but frankly am still more in favor of the good old traffic cop, engagement engine just doesn't seem to give the same level of control and flexibility.

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          Kristen Carmean

          There's not enough information here to answer that question for sure. Some potential causes could be:

          • You have communications limits on (which is the default for engagement programs) and the remainder of your records were over their limit for the day or week. This is probably the most common gotcha and based on the volume that didn't go out, probably the first place I'd look.
          • You have leads that are not qualified to receive emails, such as unsubscribed, marketing suspended, blacklisted, invalid email, or empty email.
          • You had a number of leads paused in the nurture rather than set to a cadence of normal.
          • You have a filter on the smart list that sends the email that limits the leads (if you are using programs to send out your emails).