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Referral Form Best Practice

Question asked by Nate Oosterhouse on Jun 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2015 by Sanford Whiteman

Does anyone have any knowledge on creating a Referral Tracking program?  I have a few questions I am struggling with.


What we hope to accomplish

We are hoping to create a Referral program that allows us to:

  • Have a form that we collect information on both the person who referred someone and the person they referred.
  • The ability to track how many people a person refers and whether or not those people had opportunities created.
  • We want to send an email rewarding someone who referred a person and that person became an opportunity.


What we currently have:

We can't seem to figure out how to accomplish this.  Right now we have the below form:

Referral Form_.JPG

This form will treat the person referred (Referral Information form section above) as the person who filled out the form and therefore will auto-create a lead in Marketo and Salesforce through a Marketo smart campaign flow action.


The person who referred someone (the real person who filled out this form) puts their information in the "Your Information" section.  We custom fields in Marketo called Customer First Name (Your First Name above), Customer Last Name (Your Last Name above), Customer Email (Your Work Email above), Customer Company (Your Company above), and Customer Referral Reason (Why are you referring this person above).


This means when the person who was referred (Referral Lead) is created they will have the Customer fields (above) populated with the person who referred them.



With the program outline above we can track who is a referral lead and if they end up having an opportunity.

With the program outline above we cannot track how many people a person has referred.

With the program outline above we cannot automatically send an email to the person who referred someone who now is an opportunity.



Any ideas?