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    GoToWebinar Post Webinar Attended vs. Not Attended

    Lindsay Zanga

      We use GoTo as our webinar integration with marketo.  Preshow everything seems to work fine - someone registers and it updates in both Marketo and GoTo.  The program status updates to registered in Marketo as well.  Post show the sync does not seem to be working to change program status to either "attended" or "no show".  We have done this for most webinars in the past and simply say "member of program" = True and the status = "attended" or "no show". My understanding is that GoTo pushes back to marketo the "attended" or the "no shows".  Any ideas on why GoTo wouldn't sync back the attended or no shows? I know that the integration itself is still on and active because I see people registering for a future webinar without issue.