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    HTML email versus Text Only

      Hi all,


      Can someone help me understand how HTML versus Text emails get sent out? Is it based on the users' settings/browsers/email client? And any idea what general percentage of people end up receiving text only versus HTML?

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          As you suggested Keerthi, it really depends on the email client that the end user employs.While an email client like Thunderbird or Outlook would generally use the HTML some on-line email access, mobile devices, and email clients default to text. It could also be a preference of a user (or a company) to strip out all of the images to reduce the file size or protect internal networks.


          One way you could check who is using text vs. HTML would be to have different offers for each version of your email (i.e. 10% discount in the HTML version and 15% in the text version). Another would be to use different links and see which get clicked since the URLs will still be accessible from the text version of an email.




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            Sanford Whiteman

            Keerthi, all leads are sent both forms of the email, so the strict answer to your question is that there is no difference in how they are "sent out."


            However, as John illustrates well, the lead's email client (and their personal settings within that client) dictate which form they will read.


            I my desktop email client, for example, I default to reading the text-only version of emails except for certain known senders, where I show the HTML form first. On my mobile client I can only see the HTML version (if there is one).

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