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    Team Structure

    Ben Reffie

      I'm currently putting together a deck in an attempt to convince the senior members of my department that we need to invest more bodies to our marketing automation efforts. Unfortunately, I'm doing everything (design, coding, campaign management, database management, reporting, overseeing API calls ... everything) by myself and the buzz phrase of content marketing has now rung the ears of senior leadership ... the requests are already starting to pile up.

      I'd love to hear how some other companies structure their teams using Marketo and what their processes look like.

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          Hi Ben,


          This is a great inquiry, and I have moved it into our Featured Content area!




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            Delinda Tinkey

            Hi Ben,


            This is one of the first questions I ask people as well. Obviously, it depends on the number of people and initiatives you are supporting. I started MA at an enterprise size company with 60 people in marketing. Salesforce.com administrators were in a separate department. I focused the majority of my energy on Marketo, but stayed closely linked to the SFDC team. In my current role (at a smaller company) I am the sole SFDC and Marketo administrator. We have 60 SFDC users and 2 Marketo users (6 people in marketing total). Like you, I'm wearing a different hat every day. Getting a second person to start using Marketo was a case I had to make. I pointed out that working on A, B, and C helps directly generate revenue for the company and requires a higher level of expertise. Project D is repeatable, but pops up X times per week when I should be doing A, B, and C. Basically - help me help you.


            Remember, your company bought automation to reduce time and resources and probably won't understand the position of an "additional investment in marketing automation." It's an investment in demand generation as a whole - and in you.