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Integrated existing Marketo instance with new SFDC instance

Question asked by Natali Talevski on Jun 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2015 by Josh Hill

Hi all,


Has anyone tried to integrate an existing Marketo instance with a new Salesforce instance? I found one person who asked here Re: Integrate existing Marketo environment with new Salesforce but there hasn't been any follow up since then.


I would suspect that Marketo would keep the existing records that are in it's instance, and instead duplicates would be created from the new SFDC integration (provided there is no back end trigger that says to delete any records that are not found in SFDC), and that any field integrations would be based around having the same API names (so the only duplicate fields would be those where the API name is different from the old SFDC instance).


Does this logic hold? Has anyone attempted this before? What came of it?


Any insight is greatly appreciated.