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    Lost on RCE and Revenue Attribution with Opportunities

      We ran a webinar in April, and I'm trying to summarize the effect of that webinar on Opportunities. We have RCE, but the FT and MT results I'm getting are in no way aligned with what the actual opportunities created are (we have Salesforce). Completely out of left field. Plus, the opportunities created by the webinar (as in the contact roles within the opportunities are successes with the webinar program,the primary campaign is set in Salesforce, the opportunity was created after the webinar). I really have no idea where to even start with trying to fix this hole, and we might be losing RCE so I want to get this fixed before I start depending on the "blind" version of the program analyzer. The only thing I could think of that would be causing problems would be that my RCM hasn't been fully adopted yet so the leads haven't gone through that particular pre-defined funnel.

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          Josh Hill

          RCM is irrelevant here. You want to look at Program Opp Analysis report. Then narrow down by the Program in question vs. MT and FT data:

          • FT is only if the lead was net new - did this webinar bring in new people that did something immediately? This is what you want to look at. If you are using Explicit Reporting Model (Admin) then Contact Roles are required and yes, your data could be out of whack with what SFDC claims. Better to switch to implicit because Sales is notorious for not putting Contact Roles on the Opps.
          • MT says that if this Program Success occurred before or during the Opp Opened, then it gets some credit across all the other Programs that touched the Lead (success). So to say this is out of left field is likely not accurate. The problem here is you are looking at MT data with ONE program. It's better to say did my Program Channel affect Opps?


          RCM is only going to help you show

          • conversion rates on the funnel stages
          • counts of leads going through
          • relate programs to how they drive the Stages. If your RCm has an Opp Stage, then sure, you could say that Program drove X people from MQL to Opp, but a program opp analysis will work a lot better for you. Of course, this can get dicey because of Net New, Existing, what else did the lead do?
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            Iryna Zhuravel

            I did a very thorough comparison of opportunity and revenue data in RCE and SFDC some time in the past, it is pretty accurate as long as you have everything configured correctly.

            Primary campaign source and SFDC campaign membership does not affect the data in RCE, it is built based on Marketo program membership data. As the others said, check if your webinar has the period cost. Also remember that it takes up to 24 hours for the data from Marketo instance to sync to RCE, so let's say if the webinar happened today and the opp you are talking about was also created today, you will see this reflected in RCE only tomorrow.


            My favorite RCE hack to cross check the RCE and SFDC data is the following:

            - in the program opp analysis report click "Report Options"


            - Check the box "Show drill-through links on Measure cells"



            - After you refresh your report all the measures will become clickable, click on any one of them and you will be able to see all the data on the opportunities the report is pulling

            . Screenshot_113.png

            - the fastest way to cross check the opps is to look up all those opportunities in SFDC by their name, check the amount of revenue, contacts in the opp, so on and so forth

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