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Using API, can I add a new Lead to Program or Activity, other suggestions?

Question asked by Gerard van den Akker on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2015 by Sanford Whiteman

For the first we're using the API to create new Leads.


Scenario: we offer a SaaS product where people can sign up for a trial through a form we developed in our own online product.

We want new people / signups to be added as Lead in MKTO together with some additional data like Lead Source etc.

We are at the point that new leads are created and existing leads are updated correctly.


However I am struggling with the following:

Leads in our software can do several things, like

- create new account (see above)

- perform certain other activities I want to track in MKTO like using a specific function.


So I want to store   A) the fact that they're part of the trial of our product (use a Program for that, if so how?? Or is a simple List best practice here?)

and B)    send over the various activities they perform so we can have triggered events happening, like sending an email etc.


What objects / fields / mechanism can I best use to store these 2 types of information?

Note that we plan to use Lead Source for the channel that was used to get TO our sign up form in the first place.


Any help is greatly appreciated