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Advice for swapping out existing LP without breaking links?

Question asked by Ari Echt on Jun 9, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2015 by ad8b001f6612f09430c1cac208bf0ab7e26dd7fe

Hi there,


We're in process of creating responsive versions of our landing pages using the new Guided template.


Since we can't change the template of an EXISTING page, that means creating a NEW, separate page, which creates some challenges.


If the EXISTING page you're creating a NEW version of has links all over the place pointing to it, and is referenced in many smart lists, what's the best approach for getting people to the NEW responsive page without breaking URL links and having to update every smart list?


Setting up a redirect from EXISTING to NEW wouldn't be ideal for us as utm values don't get pushed over on the redirect, so we'd lose attribution data.


Any suggestions for handling this process would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.