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Forms 2.0 on External Landing Pages &

Question asked by c23638ba77e6a4cbe60378466c248e1033cd2ffd on Jun 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2015 by c23638ba77e6a4cbe60378466c248e1033cd2ffd

My company is a little late in the game to implementing Forms 2.0 because we’re concerned about integrating it with functionality that collects Google Adwords/Analytics tracking information on external pages.  In the Forms 1.0 environment, we would get the form HTML code per Marketo’s instructions and place it on our page. In the form, we had a special field that was used by a third-party script to populate GA info from cookies.


With Forms 2.0, even though that field is still included as part of the form this mechanism will no longer work.  In form 2.0 the code is embedded (*read – loaded dynamically via AJAX) in external pages. This breaks our approach as the tracking script on our webpages which collects the info from cookies doesn’t see a special field in the form at page load because the form is still not loaded and the field doesn’t exist in the DOM. The tracking script on our page is self-invoking and it runs when the page is loaded, and I'm not sure we can modify it to wait for a specific value to be present in the DOM (* third party script, obfuscated code, cross domain issues).


Is anyone else facing this issue or something similar and if so, can you share how your company handled it?