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Smart List Filter Not Catching All That Apply

Question asked by 85814d8e449ad71d2a16e3e3dce894d2cbf51682 on Jun 8, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2015 by Chris Morris

I'm perplexed (again!)


I have the following Smart List: "Trigger = Clicks link in email" and "Filter = Opened Email"



(FWIW, my goal was to weed out the bogus lead scoring that happens when bots click all kinds of links. The bots don't even open the email, so I figured filtering out people who don't open email yet click links, thanks to the bots, would do this. There's some fallacy there.....but let's focus on this bit of weirdness below for now!)


So, we just sent this email and spot-checking the results I see the filter worked sometimes, but didn't work other times.


Example #1: This lead got credit for the link clicks even though they never opened the email. Filter should've caught this.



Example #2: This lead did not get credit for links clicked because they never actually opened the email (**** bots!). Filter worked here.



Sooooo.....the filter appears to have worked sometimes, but now always. Why?

I investigated if the Trigger constraints had anything to do with it. But they did not. For example, the constraint to not include "case-study"....clicks on a "case-study" link (with no email opened) sometimes got filtered out and sometimes didn't. So constraint isn't the issue. I'm at a loss.