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    Why is "Active" listed as lead status?

      We've hd a new status show up in the lead status field of "Active".  This does not appear to be a stuts in Salesforce, so it must be something in Marketo. Can someone please direct me to more information on this or explain what "Active" is supposed to mean in Marketo?  We do not wish to continue using this status... is there a way to delete it?  If yes, I must first determine what this means for leads in Marketo so that we can update it against the lead sthat are currently showing under this status. before removing this option. Tying to sort out where it came from and why.  Can someone help?

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          Josh Hill

          Someone must be using it inside a workflow. Lead Statuses are entirely up to you. Click on campaign inspector and look for lead status.

          You can always run a filter on Lead Status=Active and use Change Data Value on it.

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            Keith Nyberg

            I would pull a smartlist of records with the Lead Status = Active. This will give you an idea of how large this data issue is in your instance. Once you've located those records, go into the lead activity log to determine what made that change. If it is a MKTO smart campaign it should show the name of the campaign populating the bad value so you can edit that campaign to stop this from occurring going forward.  If you cannot see a campaign displayed on the right of the Data Value Change, it was likely changed by someone in the CRM side. Also, I would check with whoever manages your CRM system because Active could be a hidden status in SFDC but visible in MKTO.