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Sales Insight Error - Help Link for Error is Broken

Question asked by c350270c9ff8f93de049f7beaea3d7dfb2c35b82 on Jun 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2015 by Steven Vanderberg

Hi -

I'm having issues installing Sales Insight and the error dialog has a link to "Learn more" about the issue, which links to, but that page redirects to the home page of the community portal.


The error I am seeing is this:

Required fields are not configured in Dynamics:   Learn More

  • Priority (lead)
  • Relative Score (lead)
  • Relative Urgency (lead)
  • Priority (contact)
  • Relative Score (contact)
  • Relative Urgency (contact)


I found a similar document for how to fix this in Salesforce:, but nothing for Dynamics.