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    Sales Insight Error - Help Link for Error is Broken

      Hi -

      I'm having issues installing Sales Insight and the error dialog has a link to "Learn more" about the issue, which links to https://app-ab09.marketo.com/guide/displaySuccessContent?contentTag=cadSIAdmin_dynamicsConfigurationProblem, but that page redirects to the home page of the community portal.


      The error I am seeing is this:

      Required fields are not configured in Dynamics:   Learn More

      • Priority (lead)
      • Relative Score (lead)
      • Relative Urgency (lead)
      • Priority (contact)
      • Relative Score (contact)
      • Relative Urgency (contact)


      I found a similar document for how to fix this in Salesforce: https://nation.marketo.com/docs/DOC-1115, but nothing for Dynamics.

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          Steven Vanderberg

          Hi Chris,


          Thanks for pointing that out, we're working on getting those links swapped out right now and replacing the documentation.


          To address this issue, go to your Microsoft Dynamics in your admin area and click "Edit" on the Field Sync Details box.  Ensure that the fields listed in that above error box all have a check mark next to them, and they are required for MSI to function.  Within a few minutes the MSI Status should change to a green check mark with a "Configured" status.  If that still doesn't resolve the issue please feel free to open up a Support Ticket.