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Do/should tokens work for integer fields?

Question asked by Nathan Allison on Jun 4, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by Victor Herrero

Hello Community,


The use case I am dealing with, in a nutshell, is:


I have integer values in "Company Revenue Field A" and would like to use a Marketo flow step to populate "Company Revenue Field B" with the value in field A, dynamically. 


I want to set up a trigger where the flow step is: Change data value in Field B; New Value: {{lead.Company Revenue Field A}}


I have set this flow up for several other fields, including phone, email, country, job title, and some others, successfully.  The tokens do not, however, seem to want to populate for the Revenue fields - the only notable difference between this flow and the others I've already completed being the SFDC field type of Integer in this one, versus String or Phone for the others.  It is strange to me that tokens would work fine on a Phone field, but not Integer.


Hoping for confirmation that the field type is the culprit in this case and/or a workaround if anyone else has tried to tackle this problem.  Thanks!