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Landing Pages: Unbounce or Marketo? Pros and cons

Question asked by c7c21b2af652f8990a3f19b315a92de1108a2c72 on Jun 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2015 by Josh Hill

Hi all


We are in the process of setting up Marketo however when it comes to Landing pages, we are inclined to stick with our current Landing Page tool; Unbounce. This is for the following reasons;


- Ease of use in the page editor tool

- Simple integration with Marketo and data capture

- We are creating a "master template" for our landing pages, comprising of various blocks and rows - Unbounce will allow us to turn on/off rows that will create our landing page.

- Easily add munchkin code to track anonymous/known leads web activity


However, I am curious to know the cons about this approach, as so far I have found;


- No prepopulation of the form for known leads

- No ability to personalise Unbounce landing pages using Marketo tokens.


Can anyone advise on any further pros and cons, as I feel this may be a useful resource for anyone else in the same position.