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Track days from MQL to SQL without using Revenue Cycle Modeler?

Question asked by b0cd0d6e7a52e8ab7d757b597b8442a7eed10e02 on Jun 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2015 by 9e1a7b245e73ac0b560f318ed8d173082fd11fe5

I've been trying to figure out some standard funnel tracking information for 6+ months now with Marketo.  Once we complete our revenue cycle model, it may give me what I need but best I can tell, Revenue Cycle MOdel data will not retro process... meaning it's only good for the point it is implemented forward and any previous data is essentially lost.


Our MQL is defined by a threshold in behavior score and a threshold in demographic score.  Is there a way to calculate average time between Lead to MQL and MQL to SQL for our historic data?


The standard lead reports only calculate days from lead creation to SQL missing the in between step. 


We DO have RCE if that helps us solve this problem.