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    Using the calendar file token

    Andy Varshneya



      I want to use the calendar file token but am running into a few issues and I'm not sure if the problem is related to my setup. I have a series of tokens setup for the program, including Program Name, Event Time, and Event Link.


      I've set up the calendar file token and populated the body with {{my.Event Link}} while the event subject is set to {{my.Program Name}}. The description of the calendar file is populating as expected, but the event subject is not. Is it not possible to use tokens for the calendar file subject?


      And if it is, how do I do it correctly?



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          Jeff Shearer

          I believe you're correct - tokens won't work in the calendar file subject line. So you'll have to edit that file separately for each time you clone your program. As Frankly I'm amazed the tokens work in the body of the calendar file, generally speaking, tokens within tokens aren't really something that's supported in Marketo.


          One caveat to using tokens in the body of your calendar token, if you haven't discovered this already: Any rich text tokens referenced within the calendar file will render the HTML explicitly on the calendar file. So any tags <h1> <p> etc will all show up in the finished product. Because of this, I find that I hand enter the content of my calendar tokens, rather than referencing other tokens within it.


          Hope tis helps,



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