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    Model Performance Analysis in RCA

    Jackie Gragnola

      This is a fairly basic question, but I couldn't seem to find a concrete answer in the new community, and want to be sure I am understanding this report correctly.


      In a Model Performance Analysis (Leads) report in RCA, I am trying to see lead flow through stages. I am curious, if a lead moves through several stages in the Revenue Model, are they counted in each stage? For example, if a lead moves from Prospect > Lead > MQL > SAL, will they be represented with one count in each "to stage"? Or are they only counted in the stage they end in?


      Thanks in advance for any guidance!


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          Josh Hill

          You need to show the original Stage there.


          If you are setting the campaigns up, be sure you have skip campaigns so it does get recorded that way. It is possible to go from MQL to Won, in some situations.

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              Jackie Gragnola

              Thank you for the response, but that doesn't really answer my question. I am trying to understand at a theoretical level, will leads be double counted if they have moved through multiple stages within a given timeframe?


              Additionally, I've tried pulling with the Original Stage there, and it wasn't showing what I want to see. At a high level, I want to be able to see how many have flowed through an MQL stage (even if they have since moved to an SAL stage). But at that point, my question is, will a lead that has gone to MQL and then subsequently to SAL within a single week be counted in both "buckets" for that one week?


              Let's see if this clarifies: Imagine I have just one lead in Marketo. It moves from Lead to MQL to SAL in one week. On this report, would it show "1" in all 3 (Lead, MQL, SAL) columns for that week?