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    Multi-Lingual Unsubscribe / When will it be a standard feature?

      So much work is going into Marketo being multi-lingual that I have to ask, when will the Unsubscribe / View as webpage / Forward to a friend, be standard multi-lingual as well? 

      I hadn't thought about it in so long, Implementing a multi-lingual unsubscribe was one of the first things I did when I joined 2 years ago.

      I was recently in France & they asked me...
      France: I got a lot of unsubscribe alerts from our last email, but the email performance report shows 0 unsubscriptions....
      Adam: Ya, In order to make our footers multi-lingual, we don't use the Marketo unsubscribe, so it won't show up in reports.
      France: So Marketo doesn't work.
      Adam: No, we just aren't using the feature properly so not all sub-features work.
      //new topic//

      But that conversation really got me wondering, when are these standard features going to truly work mutli-lingually? 1 year? 2 years? 5 years? 
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          This would be absolutely great!

          Adam do you have any suggestions on how to interpret the "unsubscribe via email" if the lead only unsubscribed for emails from a single business unit, but not for global newsletters (if you have a email preference center).
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            Right, well that's the point. Standard functionality of Marketo is hinged on the unsubscription taking place by clicking a link in an email that's tracked using a specific token. This is how the "Unsubscribed from Email" concept is associated. When you instead implement a custom preference center by language, you step away from using that tokened link & the system isn't able to corrolate the unsubscribe to the email. 

            I now realize a new way to deal with this is via dynamic content & have a single landing page & just change based on a language segmentation. But that still won't effect the layout drawbacks of the standard admin unsubscribe feature. Which is you can't move where it lives. 

            If something has been changed about this at Marketo in the past 2-3 years and I just haven't caught it, which is entirely possible, I'd love to know where I can reassess this process to ensure that my reporting is more accurate.  What is funny is that I get stray unsubscribes which ARE attributed to the email. Only 1 or 2 at most. But it makes me laugh that everyonce in a while some part of my template works properly. I just wish it did everywhere. It's easier to understand straight 0's, but it's harder to comprehend a few with 1's & 2's.
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              I have language as segment as well. It's based on a custom Salesforce field calles "Preferred Language". I have created new pages where a visitor can change the page language (form, submit on change, for preferred language field). This triggers a data value change for the preferred language. But is takes anywhere from 1 second to 30 seconds sometimes before this is reflected in the segmentation. During this period the value is correct, but the lead is still in the old segment. Hence the page is still displayed in the old language.

              Example: English is default (Dutch has translated content): http://connect.quintiq.com/atc3.html

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                     Diederik, Adam

                     Please see the following post where Cathal has described a way for doing this.


                     Also there is an Idea which you can vote for so the project manager will have visibility for this as well.