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    Lots of "Roadshow" Leads - How to best re-engage

      I'm looking for some experienced folks to potentially add some advice and lessons learned as my team enters into an aggressive "re-engagement" initiative.


      We've hosted a bunch roadshows events in various cities across the country this year - each having between 20-30 registrants and 10-20 attendees. These are typically fairly senior level folks, director to C-level, and largely IT function.


      We have about 1000 registrants in total. As we do a deep scrub on that list and set up campaigns to re-engage the 80% or so that sort of fell through the cracks on getting next steps in the sales cycle, I'm left with figuring out our game plan to best reactivate the discussions.


      I'd love to hear from folks how they would best approach this fairly qualified set of "in-house" leads.


      Thanks in advance for any help or thoughts!



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          David Cutter

          Good question! First of all, time is ticking. Those leads are hot so you probably need to respond to them asap (ideally right after the Summit). Create a Smart List, start a campaign and thank them for stopping by your booth or your event. In addition, you might ask them if they interested in learning more about yorur company or if they want to receive a white paper. Basically, you want to get a sense of how interested they are in your company, your services.. and how interested are they in 'going Google' : ) . Since these are Sr. Level people, take a look at where they are located. If there is a cluster of folks in a specific city, you might want to consider hosting a lunch or some sort of event for them.  Hope this helps.